Teacher: Rebecca Cross

Well-known doodle illustrator Mo Willems, he has announced that he’ll be doing Lunch Doodles for kids on YouTube. The sessions will take place every weekday at 1 p.m. but lots are already on youtube. Follow the links below: 

Children could create a card for the elderly, those cards could be posted to a local care home to show that people are thinking of them at this challenging time. 

You could also all design a flower pot on to some card and make paper / tissue paper flowers to go inside the 2D pot. 

An up cycling / recycling project based on making something old in to something new and arty, something out of the sea or an animal from an old bottle or carton. 

Famous comedian Ricky Gervais created some really funny / crazy characters that he then turned in to a book – The Flanimals. They have bizarre names and funny descriptions, children could make a character of their own and come up with their own description and name for the Flanimal. 

Learn to draw cartoons with Steve Harpster – click here

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The artist Jon Burgerman has uploaded doodle videos on YouTube called “its great to create” he has an Instagram page full of fun doodles, characters and little animations. Fantastic for the imagination. 

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