Class 1KGu

Class 1KGu

Teacher: Kerry Guy

Hi everyone,
I hope you’re all ok.  I know this week has been a bit harder for lots of you and some of you are feeling a bit sad and confused.  
I miss being at school and working with you guys but it’s important that we all stay safe at home.  I’ve uploaded a picture of our mood monsters we looked at in school.  See if they can help you.  
I’ve been trying to do things that make me happy – I’ve been reading stories with my little girl, replying to messages from you guys and going for a walk every day!
If you’re feeling a bit sad or like you’re having a bad day try doing something that you love doing or get your body moving … it might just help!  
Well done to Hayden and Tiana who’ve sent me pictures of their work or photos of them working from home!
Well done to William for trying the Joe Wicks workout!  It’s a tricky time to try new things and it’s ok to try things that are not something you want to do again.  
Feel free to contact me through the email address.  Hope you all have a good week! 
Kerry 🙂

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