Governmental advice during this time is to stay at home where possible to reduce transmission and save lives. There is also no update on whether staff will be offered vaccinations as critical front line staff. To keep staff and students as safe as possible we need to reduce numbers in school to facilitate social distancing, as per the guidance. We will be running two pathways of education: face to face education and remote learning. Teachers will be in touch with you to outline which pathway has been identified for your child. This will be based around critical worker status and level of need. This flexibility of approach is needed to reduce risk , until further clarification is outlined by the government.
School will be in touch today with families to offer places face to face or remote learning . If you have any issues with this please contact me on 07795565842.
Apologies for the timing and last minute nature of all the information you receive, we are working as fast as we can to respond to the ever changing environment.
Thank you for your understanding in this very difficult time.
Stay safe