This year as part of our Harvest celebrations in school, we would like to support our local foodbank with their Harvest Appeal. The children are invited to bring one item of dried food which we will collectively donate to Middlesbrough foodbank next week to help support their great work. Their most urgently needed items are:
• long life juice
• tinned rice pudding
• cooking rice
• tinned custard
As well as:
• tinned meat
• tinned tomatoes
• pasta (not spaghetti or lasagne sheets please)
• breakfast cereal (not porridge please)
• milk – uht or powdered
• long-life fruit juice or cordial/squash
• tinned rice pudding
• jam/marmalade/peanut butter/chocolate spread
• biscuits (sweet rather than savoury)
• snacks/treats e.g. bars of chocolate, crisps
• tinned vegetables (carrots, sweetcorn, mixed veg)
• tinned potatoes or packet mash
• packet soups (“cup-a-soup”)
• tinned/carton custard or powder mix
• tinned fish
• tea
• coffee
Thank you for your continued support.