Kooth January Newsletter

Happy New Year to you all. Hopefully 2022 will see an upturn in fortunes for everyone and we can put behind us some of the specific worries and concerns of the last 2 years. Although some things appear to be settling down a little, we know there are lots of us out there who still need help and support. Kooth.com is here to help throughout 2022 offering Free, Safe and Anonymous Wellbeing Support for any Young Person whatever their concerns or worries. 

Towards the end of last year we launched our Parents and Carers Resource Pack, this has been created to support all parents and carers when helping Young People dealing with their Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing, it explains about our service and how Young People can access and use it. Our Parent and Carer Guide can be found here

Our Service is available to support Young People aged 11-18 across Tees Valley. 

The Kooth Website is available 24/7, 365 days of the year, giving Young People access to articles, discussion boards, peer to peer support and self-help activities, alongside the opportunity to contribute to all parts of the site. Young people can also speak, via text based chat, with one of our online counsellors or emotional wellbeing practitioners between 12 noon and 10pm Monday-Friday and between 6pm and 10pm on Saturday and Sunday.  

Please also see below our ‘What’s on Kooth in January?’ resource which highlights some of the discussion boards and live forums that can be accessed on the site during the month of January. If you wish to use or share this resource please find a number of versions of it here



Key Events for January

Here are some key dates in January

Dry January – All Month#DryJanuary #DryJanuary2022Blue Monday – 17th Jan #BlueMonday #BlueMonday2022


Supporting Copy for Twitter Posts: 

*Note* These are quick and easy templates that you can use as inspiration. Feel free to adapt the copy below based on the audience you are speaking to.

Kooth is here to support you throughout 2022. #Kooth #MentalHealth #EmotionalWellbeing

Access free, confidential and anonymous support whenever you need. #Kooth #DigitalMentalHealth

January can be a challenging month. If you or someone you know is struggling and want to talk about what’s on your mind – Kooth is available. We’re here for you! Kooth.comInterested in finding out what’s on Kooth this January. Try our discussion boards and join the conversation! 

Other interesting things to look out for on Kooth this month are:

Interesting Articles

Tips for Dealing with Anger

Creative Writing Challenge: A Cabin in the Woods

Living with Acne

Kooth Podcasts

End of Year Podcast Party!

Art Attack: Putting Paintbrush to Paper

(These are available on both Spotify and Apple Music by searching Kooth Podcast I have included a digital poster in this newsletter here to support with promoting these on social media,etc.) 

Please find here a link to our Kooth Sign Up Guide should you wish to support any young people with gaining access to our online community.

Our offer of staff training, YPs Presentations and School Assemblies is still very much available. As well as our virtual offer, we are now delighted to also be able to offer face to face sessions again, if you are interested in booking any kind of support please do get in touch with me by replying to this email or completing the booking form here

There is a short video here to show you what we are able to offer. 

Kooth Promotion CentralOur resource hub, Kooth Promotion Central, is now available containing some great resources and amazing features relating to Kooth.

Kooth Promotion Central, sometimes referred to as Brandmaster can be accessed using the following URL: