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For full details or links to admission arrangements, including the selection and over-subscription criteria, statement of our admission number (PAN) and the school’s process for applications, please contact Middlesbrough’s SEND Department on 01642 201831 or visit the LA admissions page on: https://www.middlesbrough.gov.uk/search/site/school%20admissions
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 Assessment Strategy

At Beverley School we have high expectations and expect pupils to make good progress across the curriculum and in personal progress from Nursery to Post-16. As the complex nature of our cohorts make one assessment system difficult to use we have established a range of assessment systems to evidence the good progress that our pupils make.

School Curriculum

This academic year all eligible pupils have been dis-applied from SATs. Pupils are assessed in depth by teachers and progress is evidenced through our bespoke tracking systems. These include Development Matters, phonics, MAPP, Rainbow Tracking and external accreditation.

Beverley School’s Curriculum Offer

Beverley School’s curriculum for Phase l (YR-Y6) and Phase 2 (Y7-Y10)  is constructed around the ‘Cornerstones Curriculum’. This allows for a project based approach and the promotion of cross curricular links.

Our pupils follow Schemes of Work (SOWs) that have been selected to ensure that their academic ability is met and our skilled teachers differentiate the work accordingly.

In Phase 3, a vocational curriculum has been developed to underpin the academic subjects so that our older pupils can learn and experience valuable subject specific knowledge, vocational skills, life skills and gain a range of accreditation.

Underlying our curriculum is the promotion of social communication, independence and management of behaviour. Our pupils are supported to become independent learners and engage in a range of learning experiences which address their difficulties in language and communication, social interaction and rigidity of thought.

Embedded into our curriculum offer are a range of programmes and interventions to address sensory dysfunction, behaviour, gross and fine motor skills.

We currently commission an Educational Psychologist, Jane Boyd (Pegasus Psychology), a Child Psychologist Benedikte (CATs), and an Occupational Therapist, Laura Clish (Tree Tops), all of whom work a day a week within school with targeted pupils. We also have speech and language support through the health service.

Within  our everyday teaching we incorporate specific interventions for individual or groups of pupils such as BLAST, Catch Up Maths, Catch Up Literacy, Lexia, Primary Movement and Write Dance.
For more information on the Cornerstones Curriculum please visit https://cornerstoneseducation.co.uk/