Beverley Park


Beverley Park is a satellite provision run by Beverley Specialist School and Park End Primary School, for pupils aged 5-11. The provision caters for students across Middlesbrough who have Speech, Language and Communication difficulties or a diagnosis of autism.

Beverley Park is named after Beverley School and Park End Primary School, to represent the partnership work between the two schools. The schools are working in partnership to bring together best practice from both the mainstream and specialist sectors.

Students who attend Beverley Park do so on an ‘assessment placement’, with staff from both specialist and mainstream working alongside parents and the Local Authority to identify the longer term provision required for students.

Students who attend Beverley Park provision remain on roll at their mainstream school. They are ‘dual registered’ between their home school and Beverley Park, meaning they can access Beverley Park but still have a registered place at their mainstream school.

Middlesbrough Local Authority SEND team allocate places at Beverley Park. Students who attend Beverley Park display social communication difficulties, such as autism. Students do not need a diagnosis or an EHCP to attend Beverley Park.






If you would like any further information about Beverley Park, please contact:
Erika Walkington – SEND officer – 01642 201831
Wendy Rush – Assistant Head for Beverley Park – 01642 548142

Beverley Park
Cass House Road
01642 548142