Mental Health and Wellbeing Approach


At Beverley School we promote mental health and wellbeing
through all staff and students understanding our ethos of being
Ready, Respectful and Safe


The ethos at Beverley School is to ensure that all staff and students are equipped to manage their
own mental health and wellbeing. The school mission and vision ensure everyone can realise their
potential. Whilst this approach has always been a key priority, we recognised the impact the
pandemic has had on our school community.

Research has shown the benefits of early help can protect children from harm, reduce the need for
a referral to child protection services and improve children’s long-term outcomes (NSPCC).
Our friends, family, colleagues and communities have had their lives changed in significant ways and
the effects of the pandemic will be far-reaching for many. Some have been more severely affected
than others and we know that those with Special Educational Needs are disproportionately affected
by Covid-19.

The Financial Conduct Authority has reported that the number of people now struggling with low
financial resilience has increased by a third to 14.2 million (FCA, 2021). This includes families with
significant debt, low saving levels or low and erratic earnings. These families have subsequently
found themselves in an extremely challenging position.

Learning loss for students has also been widely reported (DfE, 2021) and at the same time we are
still learning about the social and emotional impact. For example, the NSPCC says that contacts to its
helpline about domestic violence and abuse increased by 32 per cent during the first lockdown, with
an average of one contact every hour (NSPCC, 2020).

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