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Careers calendar

Ongoing Weekly external work experience
Ongoing Cafe and other internal work experience
Ongoing Toastie enterprise LSC
14/9/2020 Internal work experience begins
24/9/2020 IAG meeting with Yr. 14 parents/carers and students
25/9/2020 Apprenticeships workshop with Jo Thompson
30/9/2020 IAG meeting with Yr. 14 parents/carers and students
1/10/2020 IAG meeting with Yr. 14 parents/carers and students
2/10/2020 Employability and transferable skills. Work Advisor, Support for Schools DWP
8/10/2020 IAG: FE and destinations discussion and information sharing
16/10/2020 Local Labour Market changes – opportunities for distance and self employment options. Work Advisor, Support for Schools DWP
22/10/2020 Employability and transferable skills. Work Advisor, Support for Schools DWP
5/11/2020 IAG:  FE and destinations options discussion and information sharing FOR 3GW AND 3JM
6/11/2020 IAG meeting with 3JM parents / carers and students
09/11/2020 Wendy Gosling careers delivery – ‘What is work?’
16/11/2020 Wendy Gosling careers delivery – ‘Applying for a job’
17/11/2020 IAG meetings with 3GW Yr 11
23/11/2020 Wendy Gosling careers delivery – ‘Work Place Behaviours and Communication’
30/11/2020 Wendy Gosling careers delivery – ‘There is a job for me!’
1/12/2020 IAG meetings with 3JW Yr 12 and 13
11/1/2021 Wendy Gosling DWP – Planning and preparing for next steps and future plans
18/1/2021 Wendy Gosling DWP – Changes in the labour market nationally and locally and preparing yourself for changes in employment opportunities.
25/1/2021 Wendy Gosling DWP – Support for young people with additional needs after leaving school in the world of work.
29/1/2021 FE college engagement – Individual interviews with Middlesbrough College support team
5/2/2021 Employer engagement. – Victoria Jones – Adapting your employment and careers path and self-employment options in the digital age.
8,9&10/2/2021 FE college engagement – Individual interviews with Middlesbrough College support team
5/3/2021 NCW – Range of Careers and work related learning activities across the school  activities
8/3/2021 Mock interviews
12/3/2021 Victoria Jones – Employer engagement.
15/3/2021 Employer engagement – Working in the horticulture and rural sector – Matt Dove Jones -TVWT
16/3/2021 Jo Thompson – New opportunities in apprenticeships and employment opportunities in the local area
18/3/2021 Careers Expo- TVCA, Virtual college and sixth form visits, Employer engagement opportunities
15/4/2021 FE Engagement at Askam Bryan – Personalised meet and greet with key staff and tour of provision
20/4/2021 Heather Whyman – Saltersgill Community Centre manager – Volunteering at the Eco shop and fire support service
21/4/2021 Virtual event – Sector opportunities – Fashion design. Industry Speaker: NabiEl-Nayal – Fashion Designer.
21/4/2021 Middlesbrough college open Evening event
27/4/2021 Employer engagement – Employment sector opportunities, round table event
28/4/2021 Employer engagement – Employment sector opportunities, round table event
May – July 2021 College and social care transition meetings and visits
May – July 2021 Community Eco Shop work experience
21/6/2021 KS4 Careers Week
24/6/2021 Armed Forces visit 10-10.30am
25/6/2021 Personal development and team building day at Carlton
28/6/2021 Emergency Services visit 2-2.30pm
July 2021 Year 9 IAG discussions and interviews
9/7/2021 Construction Services visit 10-10.30am – link to register COMING SOON
20/7/2021 Tees Valley Labour Market Information visit 1.30-3pm – link to register COMING Soon


Careers Leader – Karen Revill – contact Karen on 01642 811350

Better off in Work Guide
Provider Access Policy

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Information for students, parents and carers

Click here for information for students, parents and carers

Click here for Personal Guidance Strategy 2020 -21

Tees Valley Careers and employability skills research study

To help inform careers support services in the Tees Valley a research study is currently being carried out including the views of young people and parents / carers. If you would like to contribute to this please watch the videos and complete the survey using these links :

There is one link for students and another for Parents / carers

 Below are the links with accompanying videos for pupils and parents:

  1. Student/ Young person feedback:

            Video 1: Aimed at Young People –link to the learner survey School/College students

2. Parents/ Carers:

            Video 2: Aimed at Adults –link to the adults survey Parents/Carers be sent out to parents or uploaded onto your establishments website for parents/ carers to be able to view.

Thank you for your participation as any feedback received will help inform and influence careers support services and investments now and in the future in Tees Valley schools, colleges and local communities. Everyone’s feedback is important, and we are grateful to you for taking the time to help this important research.

Information for employers, voluntary organisations, education, career and transition support providers

Click here for information for employers, education, career and transition support providers

Useful careers related links

As some of our students are working from home, career resources and useful links are available from the TVCA home-schooling toolkit link below and this will be updated on a weekly basis

Click here for useful links Summer 21

Learn Live webinars – TVCA will be delivering webinars to students on the following areas, please save the dates in your diary, you can now book for the armed forces and emergency services sessions.  A great opportunity for young people  to find out more about these sectors and ask employers questions, register here


Difference between App-Traineeships-T’levels


National Careers Week

The official NCW web site is

Discover Creative Careers week

Discover Creative Careers 2021 Schools Recruitment Pack

Tees Valley Careers Expo event.  The virtual event is taking place on 18th March 9:00 – 12:00, this event will have information from employers, FE & HE and training providers. Behind the scenes at sky news  – uses the power of personal stories to inform young people’s career choices.Free and simple to use, features over 1000 videos of people talking about their careers – explaining their job role, career path, and how different factors have shaped their direction. Exploring these real-life stories through a range of videos which can be filtered by job type or subject and discover opportunities you may not have known about before. Take the Buzz Quiz, which encourages self-reflection and explores links between personality and work –

Click here for Case Study – working with our EA during NCW 2021

 Gatsby Benchmarks

Click here for The Gatsby Benchmarks

Click here to read case study

Preparation for Adulthood

Click here for the PfA model

Further Education and Training

Careers Programme and Provision

Click here for Careers Map Phase 1

Click here for Careers Map Phase 2

Click here for Careers Map Phase 3

Click here for Beverley School CEIAG Programme and Outcomes

Support for our Careers programme

Are you a local Employer or Business owner? Could you help us with a small amount of you time?

As part of our careers and preparation for employment programme we are keen to introduce the students to a wide and varied range of employment options.

Part of this, importantly, involves developing a real knowledge of opportunities in different employment sectors.

Our students respond well to opportunities to learn from adults who could come and talk to them in an informal way about different job roles for example:

  • what their job involves
  • what a typical day looks like
  • what qualifications / or training is needed
  • what are the most rewarding and also challenging aspects of the role.

If you are an employer we would also like to ask for your support in helping students understand and develop their employability skills.  If either as an employee or employer, this is something you feel you could help us with in any small way or could offer 30 minutes or so of your time to  talk about your role, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Karen Revill at or call on 01642 811350


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