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 My daughter has come on so much since starting Beverley

Beverley School keep us well informed of how well my son is doing. You all are doing so well thank you.

my daughter has improved so much since attending Beverley.

My child has come on leaps and bounds in the space of six weeks. Couldn’t be any happier with the progress.

If there are any issues I have received a call from teachers to explain what’s happening. The children are at the heart of everything you do, which is great.

Always put children’s needs first, work so hard to help progress our children, provide a calm and safe environment and always there to help and support parents.

You try your very best to help us and our child if any problems arise.

Communication is excellent from school to parents

What a brilliant school! The staff are so experienced and understanding. My daughter has thrived at Beverley. Communication at school is great and I feel that I can contact them any time with any concerns I may have.

A fantastic school, all staff highly trained in autism and understanding my child’s needs. Will challenge my child to achieve the best outcomes.

Since starting school in Y7 my child has had some blips, however school have supported him and he’s now Y8, a lot happier and confident. Thank you

My son has never been this happy it’s amazing to see a massive difference.

Beverley school is fantastic! The staff go above and beyond to ensure the children get the best out of their education.

Keep me up to date with my sons progress. Encourage him to be more independent. Help parents as well as the children.

Great school and great staff, very pleased with everything. Thank you very much

My son has always felt happy at school even when something changes or there is a problem. He has never felt unable to speak to someone which is a huge achievement with him. Thank you.

My son has made excellent progress since starting at Beverley and he is always happy to come to school. Staff are very friendly and approachable and I feel very supported – communication is excellent.

My son has made amazing progress, I believe it’s because of Beverley School. Good communication with parents and brilliant understanding of needs.

The relationships between staff and pupils are exceptional. My son loves coming to school and talks so fondly about everyone! The curriculum and depth of skills and learning are outstanding. Thank you!

The school is always quick to let me know any concerns or positives concerning my son and are really good if I have any concerns too.

Very happy the way staff look after my child and all the staff are very helpful.

The change in my son since he joined Beverley School is amazing. He wants to come in to school and learn and not cry for me to keep him home.

My son is always happy to come to school. You get him trying new foods. Writing and reading and always keeping him happy and I informed about every day at school which makes me very comfortable. I am happy to say you do everything well and have no concerns what so ever.

My son is so happy to come to school every day it makes me so happy and reduces any anxiety I have over him not being with me. I’m really thankful he has a place at Beverley.

My daughter has settled well and is starting to learn, which is lovely to see. School communication is excellent, my daughter is very happy at school and I am very happy with everything.

Beverley School keeps my daughter interested in her day to day activities and subjects. All teachers have a friendly welcoming nature.  You push my daughter towards the right skills and encourage her daily in her activities. Giving my daughter choice and variety keeping her options open for future plans.

My son is happy to come to school and enjoys all the activities in school. I also think it is very pleasing to see that all the staff know the children’s names even if not in their class.

I had a great morning at the café. Its been a pleasure to see the children at school doing so well. I am sure this would help them build their social life in future.

Wonderful coffee morning! Good service.

A fantastic morning. lovely welcome and great company.

Its brilliant to see children learning and interacting with peers. Will be back. Thank you

Carrot cake was beautiful! Moist and tasty- and good to hear healthy too.

Thank you, polite and helpful service.

We like coming to coffee morning, we get to see our son in a school environment, which he is happy and content to be in.

P.S We love chocolate cake!

Email received from relative of student:

My Grandson is a sixth-form pupil at Beverley and today, I came to the Christmas performance. I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. Every performance by every class was really good and all the children (and teachers) deserve a huge pat on the back for all the hard work they have obviously put in.

He loves coming to school and was really looking forward to taking part. I was very proud of him and all the other families can be similarly proud as everybody did really well.

Once again, well done to all concerned.

‘Wonderful Café IV

Wonderful staff

Wonder students’

Amazing staff with great patience, understanding of child’s needs and help with home life as well. Always made to feel so welcome by all staff in school. Love school events, the staff are brilliant at getting the best out of each child.

Beverley is a great school, all the teachers are brilliant and my son has come on so much with his reading and writing.

My child has done very well at this school.

A lovely school that my child enjoys coming to. Should have happened years ago.

Since my child started at Beverley School she has been happy and eager to go. I know she is safe in Beverley and if there are problems I can just ring school who have been really supportive and sorted things out & she comes home happy. I want to thank you for everything you do to help her. I also want to say Beverley are a brilliant school and my daughter should have been there years ago.

Thank you so much for helping my son overcome his autism amazing!! xxx

Each year it is an absolute delight to see all the children getting involved in the Christmas concert. The staff and children are amazing and work so hard. Well done!

In the beginning my son was very upset, but with help off the lovely staff he is now happy, and so am I. Thank you very much.

My son really enjoys coming to this school.

My child really enjoys attending school. He has progressed so much since transferring here and has grown a great deal in confidence.


Since my son started Beverley at five years old his life has turned around for the better. I couldn’t ask for a better school & staff. My son enjoys his school life.

My son has come on leaps and bounds. Thank you for your continued support.

I can’t praise or compliment the school or staff enough. Our eleven years at Beverley haven’t always been smooth ones, but my son and myself have always found a kind listening ear, support and whatever needed putting in place for my son at the time. He couldn’t be in a better place for his needs, the school and the staff are absolutely fantastic.

Our child is much more confident, social and interested to learn since he has moved to this school.

My son said ‘Great Monday, I love school.’ Says it all really.

Beverley School is a great school, staff are very friendly keeping us up to date with our sons progress on a daily basis. My sons love going to school, it is like a home form home for them.

The school is a lovely, friendly place where my son feels safe and relaxed. The staff are lovely and dedicated and through their knowledge and experience, keep my son achieving his goals.

What can I say? Outstanding school, amazing staff. I can’t thank the teachers enough for all of their help and support over these last few years with my son and myself. Great communication.

My son has done really well since coming to Beverley and loves coming to school.

We cannot thank you enough for the support our son has received over the years and for the guidance we as parents have received. He wouldn’t be the confident boy that he is without you. I know he will continue to develop and thrive with your support.

Staff are amazing and I am really overwhelmed at the progress my child has made since starting the school. Most importantly my child has settled really well and I am delighted with the hard work from both my child and the staff. Well done.

Always there to help and understand any problems, keep up the excellent work.

It’s always lovely to see what fantastic support my son gets. As a teenager he tells me nothing. Thanks for the support and forward thinking!!!!

Since joining Zoe’s class, I’ve seen a change in my son. He’s loving every minute of it, he and I am excited for the future!

Within the first 2-3 weeks of joining the school we (parents) have noticed a huge difference in my son’s mood. He is a lot calmer and happy, always positive towards his attitude at school.

My son loves school and I appreciate how dedicated the staff are towards his needs. I am constantly amazed at the progress he is making and it is all down to the school and teachers. Thank you.

I would like to thank Beverley School for their unfailing, help, understanding and amazing teaching of my son. You have been instrumental in helping him become the lovely confident and happy person he is today. For any parent of an autistic child reading the website, be assured you couldn’t choose a better school.

I feel very happy sending my son to school at Beverley as I know how he receives such good care when he’s here. The teaching is fantastic but the way all of the staff have so much time for the pupils and really do care about their wellbeing and are willing to go the extra mile. Thank you all.

The staff at Beverley are incredible! What they achieve each and every day is amazing – which is; giving our children the care, support and the wonderful education that they so rightly deserve. I give thanks every day that my son was able to attend sixth form, as he has grown into the most wonderful, kind, caring, mature and considerate young man. I am so proud of who he has become. THANK YOU!

My child always loves coming to school here.

Thank you for showing our son the world on his residential trips, for teaching him to read and write, the enjoyable times with Tees Valley Wildlife Trust he has had. For helping him become the wonderful lad he is.

All of the staff at Beverley are so kind, caring and dedicated. There is a wonderful atmosphere in the school and all of the children look happy.

So amazed at my son’s progress. The teaching staff and assistants are fantastic at what they do. Thank you.

Beverley is an amazing place. My son is like a different child since he joined the school. Love all the plays, activities and all the staff get the best out of each child. Hayden is starting horse riding tomorrow, brilliant! Love love love the school and all the staff and pupils.

So proud of my grandson, thank you so much to all teachers for all the great work he has done. Thank you all.

We are ecstatic at how our son has progresses, not only academically but also socially in the seven months he has been attending Beverley. He actually enjoys attending school and we cannot thanks the staff enough for all of their input.

Great help in trying to get my son to chew. The staff always seem happy and interested but we all know how stressful a day may be.

Café VI

A very nice coffee shop. Excellent baking and service. We’ll come again.

The cupcakes are yummy scrummy in my tummy. Thank you.

I loved the cupcakes. Not good for my waist but really good for my mouth.

Service is very good, food also very good. Staff very helpful.

Had a great time, thank you.

Friendly service, very quick & efficient. Excellent food.

Had a great time, staff fantastic. As are children & young people.

My waiter was polite and efficient and really friendly. Lovely service with a smile.

Michael was very happy and polite.

The corned beef pie was unreal, the cakes look lovely and will be consumed later and the service was very good. 9/10

Very good service, café clean and tidy, all the students working in café appear happy and working together well.































Lovely school. The school is very welcoming and friendly and clearly puts the needs of the individual children above anything else.

I have had a fantastic day at Beverley School. As a trainee teacher, I have seen lots of strategies that I will be able to use within my teaching practice. The children and staff are a credit to the school. Thanks for having me.

During my visit at Beverley School I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the schools nursery where I observed some fantastic strategies to engage and educate the pupils. I will return back to my school where I will try to implement these strategies in my practice.

Thank you very much for the chance to experience some of a school day for these children. It means so much more to meet children and learn about their individual likes, dislikes and strategies to help them than reading about it in theory. There is a much wider range of social understanding amongst the children than I would have expected.

Tour and training 

Thank you so much for hosting the trainees on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  The trainees thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I’ve had so many positive comments; they think your school is amazing!  Some of the trainees are now thinking of special education when they qualify.

Nursery was so well run. All the children had a timetable which was used so that they knew what was next. The whole school was a calm environment and that really surprised me, but it was lovely. The nursery children were very engaged with the learning and any behavioural issues were sorted quickly, so that they didn’t escalate.

I was amazed by the calmness of the school, the amazing, kind and understanding staff and above all the individual attention each child receives.

My first visit to the school.

I was really impressed, the place was immaculate. Classrooms full and kids looked very happy. Those I spoke with were very polite.

Excellent environment and facilities. I look forward to working with this school going forward.

Fantastic morning at Beverley School. Made to feel very welcome in every department by staff and students. The atmosphere is lovely and the school feels like a real community.

Beverley School has a brilliant atmosphere, the staff and pupils have been so welcoming. I have enjoyed everyday here and have learned so much. Thank you.

I have had a brilliant two weeks here, the staff and pupils are lovely and made me feel so welcome. Thank you so much.

Beverley School has a brilliant atmosphere, the staff and pupils have bee so welcoming.

I have enjoyed everyday here and have learned so much. Thank you

I have had a brilliant two weeks here, the staff and pupils are lovely and made me feel so welcome. Thank you so much.

Brilliant informative day giving an insight into a specialist school. The part I will take away from the day the most are:

The relationships between students and teachers.

How specialist the staff are, they know their jobs and this shows.

I will be going into secondary school teaching and will take many of the practices with me. I particularly enjoyed my time in Kendra’s class and could see how much the students enjoyed being there.

Had a brilliant day at Beverley School. The relationships between staff and students was lovely to see and also the warm, friendly atmosphere. There is a clear care for all and wanting the best for the students. It has reinforced my interest in going down this career path, so thank you.

A really enjoyable and eye opening day, seeing the difference in severity of autism and the impact it has on how they are taught was amazing to see . All the students are attentive, polite and engaged and it was a delight to see pupils be like that. The facilities of the school are great both indoors and outdoors, nice and modern and very visual in the corridors representing pupil work.

Enjoyed the feel of the school, it felt comfortable. I liked the subjects that the students took, focusing not only on academia but also on life skills/functional skills. The small class sizes and number of TA’s in classrooms is great. The relationships between students and staff is amazing.

Great to see a variety of lessons /subjects with students of a varying level of need. The adaptation of PE to create an inclusive situation was great to see. The personal bond between teacher-pupil was great to see, especially seeing how teachers knew all students by names throughout the school. Excellent use of staffing and seeing how each member had an important and clear role within the lesson.

Very impressed: students polite, staff polite, loved the garden/polytunnel and enjoyed music class with SLD. I could not believe how high the standard of work was in maths. Really enjoyed my visit, Thank you!

Thank you for welcoming us into your wonderful school. I have found the teachers, students and other members of staff to have all been polite and helpful. I thoroughly enjoyed observing the different lessons and have learnt a lot about autism and the variations of it.

Today was very interesting. It’s definitely inspired me to sway towards SEN. I would have loved more SLD experience. Staff were friendly and gave me good advice , they showed me the pupils work and likes/dislikes. Would love to come back! Thank you!

Thank you so much for allowing us all to visit the school today; everybody has been so kind and talkative, always prepared to answer questions and share what they are doing with the class. The day has been very well organised – I don’t think that there is anything that could be improved, I’ve really enjoyed today and feel that I have learnt a lot from it.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to come into your school. The experience has been a real eye opener t autism and how teachers deal with and support students which have such a variety of needs.

Absolutely fantastic. Committed staff and enthusiastic students, wonderful sensitivity and understanding from both teachers and students. You should be very proud. Thank you for sharing.

Amazing day, lovely staff and pupils, a great way to see the inner workings of the school and how engaged the pupils were. Thank you for the great experience!

Thanks, I have really enjoyed the experience . I think it was very useful to see the different levels of classes. It’s very interesting to see how the teaching differs. Thank you.

Thank you so much for having us today. Everyone we met was so friendly and very courteous including staff and children. I could sense from the day that children love coming to this school and love learning. Thanks again, it was a really nice day!

Really lovely school, friendliness of both staff and pupils was really pleasant. In particular, Zoe the maths teacher, her ability to teach three different lessons in 50 minutes In order to cater for the different abilities was a amazing. Also the atmosphere was really peaceful, although I appreciate that this might not always be the case. You can see the engagement in lessons and enjoyment to try and keep focus of pupils which creates the peaceful environment. Thank you for an amazing experience.

Today was a great experience. Having worked with students with autism before I was surprised at how calm, welcoming and well mannered the student were. The atmosphere in this school is amazing, all staff have been really approachable and are excellent with the students. Thank you for today.

I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to visit your school. I was so impressed with the atmosphere of calm and welcoming that is present in the school. The students were friendly and open to questions and the staff were very informative regarding teaching of their subject to a wide range of needs. Thank you.

I had a really pleasant experience at Beverley. The staff were extremely friendly and had a  tight partnership. All students were polite and friendly. They made my experience really enjoyable. Differentiation in between classes was highly recognised and all teachers seemed as though they wanted to make a difference to students lives. Thank you for a great day!

Hi Carolyn

Many thanks for Sunday. Beverley were outstanding in so many ways- the performance, the commitment, the patience and the way they behaved generally. They are a real credit to the school!

Thank you so much for the time you put into the whole venture

Best wishes

(Email received)

I’d like to congratulate the children from choir, not only on their performance but on their behaviour which was exemplary throughout.

I had a lovely afternoon with your pupils and staff, I would have loved to stay longer! The sensory room was amazing and it was a great experience to see the pupils enjoying the equipment.

‘Perfect’ – I cant think of anything negative or areas for improvement! The staff were really friendly in the class and pupils too.

I have really enjoyed my time at Beverley School, the staff and children are all very welcoming and have excellent relationships. I would have loved to have the opportunity to spend more time at the school, but even from my short experience of the school I have learned a lot and will take this knowledge with me as I progress as a teacher.

I would like to thank the class for making me so welcome. The children were very informative and involved me in their activities. The staff were very informative and have given me a lot to think about when I return to class. A massive THANK YOU everyone.

I found the morning really useful as it allowed me to see how schools approaches to supporting children with additional needs differ. I got to see the value of visual resources and the positive impact this had on the children’s learning.

Really enjoyed the morning here, spending time with the children and talking to members of staff. I will definitely be taking back into class the visual time-table. I will also be more aware of children’s needs in general, every child is unique and they are all important! Thank you very much.

The afternoon was very informative and learned a lot about autism that I didn’t know. Really enjoyed my time spent in the nursery as gained an insight into the difference than in mainstream. Found the visuals within the nursery very beneficial (used for daily routine and at snack time) and would like to use in my own future practice.

I really enjoyed my placement here, the staff were lovely and dealt with the children in a very effective way. It was lovely to see all the children exploring independently and the relationships they have with staff.

A very valuable experience. I was worried about this placement as I didn’t know much about autism. However, I now have a deeper understanding in relation to autism and how it can be approached within the learning environment. I have enjoyed the time I have spent in class with the adults and staff and I will be taking some strategies away with me. In overall, I feel more confident with SEN and I cant wait to learn more (hopefully if given the opportunity).

Thank you for welcoming me into the school today. This visit was a fantastic opportunity to observe all the work the staff carry out to develop and challenge the pupils which I found hugely beneficial towards my own teacher training.

Very positive and calm atmosphere I the school which is a credit to the staff when there are children with such diverse needs. Everyone very welcoming. Would love to come back and try upper primary to see how it is different and what I could take to my own teaching.

I found my time at Beverley School an amazing experience. The staff were extremely friendly and were very knowledgeable about the school, children and how to handle behaviour. The insight into Autism was really helpful before we went into the classroom as I haven’t had much experience with autistic children. I would find it extremely beneficial to revisit Beverley to gain more ideas and strategies to move into mainstream teaching.

Thank you for being so welcoming and accommodating on our visit. It was a really positive experience and provided me with knowledge about autism that I did not already know. All of the staff, were happy to answer any questions and the whole experience was exceptional.

I have found that the individualised attention to diverse needs and personalities to be the most rewarding part of visiting Beverley. It was a pleasure to have been here.

Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to come and experience your wonderful school. The teachers I worked with were brilliant with the children and provided learning opportunities that really engaged the children. I took a lot from the experience.

I would like to thank the staff for making me feel welcome and giving me a great insight to the way the children learn. I will take things away from today that I will use within my own teaching.

It was good to fin out more about autism before entering the classroom. The teacher was very welcoming and happily answered all of my questions – thank you!

The teacher spent a lot of time explaining individual needs which made it a lot easier for me to interact with the children within the classroom. Pen portraits are a great idea

I really enjoyed my time at Beverley and learnt a great deal that I can take back and use in my practice. It was lovely to see so many different strategies used to help each individual child achieve their best. Thank you!

I have really enjoyed the opportunity to be in Beverley School and spend some time with your wonderful children and awesome staff. I am much more aware now of my own understanding of autism and additional needs. I feel more equipped to prepare children for their journeys and support their  learning. Thank you for a valuable morning. Love the resources and styles for use.

The school has a lovely, welcoming feel. The children all seemed very happy and content and their push towards independence was lovely to see. Rehearsals for the Christmas performance were particularly enjoyable. Thank you for having me!

All the staff were really helpful with the information and advice they could offer. I learnt more than what I already knew by coming to visit Beverley School. It has been useful to see the different ideas and strategies in place I cold use in my future practice in mainstream school aswell. It was lovely to meet the children and observe how they work independently, how they socialise with their peers. Overall, it has been a great opportunity and thank you!

The school was welcoming from start to finish. For the brief time I was here felt the child centred approach was evident from all staff in Nursery. Thank you

Engaging the children to learn was a brilliant thing to see, all children were fully focused due to the positive hype from the teachers. All staff were friendly and committed to the job. Relationships between teachers and children are positive (first names as an example). Classroom was busy of children’s work and this relates to positives instead of negatives.

The staff are incredibly lovely and welcoming. They are very knowledgeable and willing to share their experiences in order to improve understanding of autism. I have learned so much today which I will use in my wider teaching practice.

Very informative day, thank you. Your patience and care with the pupils is very special and I am optimistic that you have given students the best possible futures.

Really enjoyed the day in Beverley observing a mixture of classes. It was great to see children learning and enjoying themselves in this school.

Excellent relationships between all staff and young people. Extensive food for thought for teaching in mainstream schools. My understanding of autism has increased immensely through my visit.

It was amazing to see how personalised the support was for each student. It has been very inspiring to see the teaching. Thank you

Thank you so much for inviting us into your school, it has been such an amazing experience. The highlight of my day was one of the pupils telling the class that ‘it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, we’re all winners here’ – so brilliant!

It’s been a great experience to see the level of support and development that goes into the teaching here. All the staff are very welcoming and create a great environment for all students.

Really strong relationship between  pupils and staff. Lovely friendly and very welcoming atmosphere that students and staff contributed to. Very well mannered pupils.

It’s been fantastic to see the caring and engaging classes at every level. Individuality and individual progress sets a real goal for those in ‘mainstream’ schools. Thank you.

Thank you for sharing so openly about what you do. It was lovely to see and really inspiring for me. The staff and pupils are amazing!

I was so impressed with the attention and care shown to each child. Every child is an individual here. Thank you!

Great to see students with such a  variety of needs being so well looked after.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Beverley School. What a lovely calm atmospheres and such kind, caring and patient staff who put the needs of each pupil at the forefront of their lessons. THANK YOU!

Amazing support meeting every child’s needs. Very inspirational.

Great experience and challenging questions from a knowledgeable group of students.

I had a lovely time at Beverley School. All the staff and students were friendly and welcoming. Thank you for the opportunity, I have learned a lot.

All of the staff are clearly very passionate about the students and have  a great positive attitude.

A wonderful, positive school where all the staff are clearly committed to getting the best from every child.

The staff are all so positive and happy – they are so dedicated to what they do.

Absolutely amazing school with such a fantastic team. Each child is so perfectly catered for. Thank you so much for an unforgettable day.

I loved the staffs passion and commitment to the pupils, you can really see how much they care.

Fantastic day at Beverley School getting the chance to experience what the school is like and how it is ran. All staff are super friendly

This is a fabulous school – I am very pleased I got to come and experience a day here.

Thank you for the warm welcome  into your fantastic school! I have learnt masses in such a short space of time. Such a confidence boosting experience for a trainee teacher with very little experience in this area.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the school. It surprised me students would want to leave at 16 but it is a credit to the teachers good work that they do.

Had an absolute ball. Everyone I met today has been really inspirational and I’ve learnt a lot (not just regarding education either).

Firstly, a huge thank you for accommodating us in your busy school. The experience demonstrated that the passion for teaching is evident in spades. It was inspirational to see teachers and students working hard together and that the benefit and welfare of the pupils comes first.