Art Department


Art plays a crucial part in our pupils’ development. It enables pupils to communicate through visual forms, explore their imagination, express their emotions and showcase their individuality. Our pupils are taught there is no right or wrong way of making art, therefore building their confidence and passion for the subject. Art work is displayed throughout the school, giving our pupils a sense of achievement and self-worth.

Right from entry into school at Nursery age, pupils are encouraged to explore Art using different mediums which also includes elements which encourage sensory exploration; touch, smell, sight and sound. This is then continually developed as pupils’ progress through primary classes along with developing imagination and creative thinking.

In secondary, the projects our pupils study continues to expand on these skills and pupils are encouraged to develop art work with a more personal approach.

In sixth form pupils can study a variety of exciting Art forms. We have a Soft Furnishings enterprise group who design and make products such as cushions, bunting and soya candles. These products are sold to the public through various craft fairs and events. Some pupils study the Arts Award course, which is a collaborative project between Art and Music. We also have a group studying GCSE Art and Design.

Every October the whole School takes part in “The Big Draw”, an event where pupils and staff create fantastic art work together in our main hall. This is a well anticipated, fun event that we all enjoy.