English in the Primary Department

During the early years stage of our pupils education at Beverley School improving communication and interaction skills are a priority. We work very closely with the Speech and Language Department to assess each pupil’s level of understanding and then provide individualised speech and language ‘next steps’. Our pupils enjoy a range of programmes including intensive interactions sessions, interactive and recall stories and BLAST and BLAST 2 sessions which all encourage interaction and help develop speaking and listening skills.

The teaching of phonics underpins Early Years literacy lessons and we follow the ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme for teaching phonics. We endeavour to provide exciting opportunities across the curriculum throughout the day for mark making and emergent writing. The pupils also enjoy specific programmes that help develop early wring skills such as disco dough, write dance and the primary movement programme.

As our pupils move up through the primary department reading and writing is embedded across all subject areas and the pupils are encouraged to become as independent as possible with their skills. Lexia is used widely as tool to improve and promote independent reading and it is much enjoyed by the pupils.



English in the secondary department

There are lots of exciting things happening in English.

Students in Phase 2 are following the Cornerstones Curriculum and are tackling projects like Alchemy Island, Revolution, Fallen Fields, Beasts Creator, Scream Machine, Time Traveller and Hola Mexico. The Cornerstones Curriculum gives students the opportunity to work on projects across different subject areas, linking together their learning and understanding.

Students in Phase 3 are studying towards either Functional Skills or a GCSE qualification. Both routes mean students will be studying and responding to a range of texts, taking part in discussions and writing for a variety of purposes and audiences.

 Throughout the Phases, we offer a Literacy Catch-Up programme. This is for students who benefit from additional practise with their reading and spelling, and it focuses on developing these skills with one-to-one support from a trained specialist TA.