Music Department 

Music is a powerful tool in developing our pupils skills.  It allows them to express themselves and communicate in a language without words. It develops important social skills through working cooperatively with others to achieve a common goal. Through Music pupils can connect to and develop their understanding of different cultures. Music is also used as a sensory tool to help pupils self-regulate.

In Primary Music is used throughout the day to aid pupil’s learning and understanding of subjects covered. As a discrete subject, pupils are given the opportunity to explore instruments, develop aural awareness of sound through rhythm and pitch, compose and perform. Tees Valley Music Service enhance music provision at this stage by offering further classroom music lessons from a specialist teacher for block periods through the year. This offers further opportunities for the development of communication and increasing pupil’s confidence in performing.

At stage 2 pupils develop their music skills through performance, composition and listening delivered as part of the Imaginative Learning Programs. Collective composition and performance is a key aspect of the work carried out at stage 2. This offers great opportunities for further development of social and communication skills alongside music education.

At stage 3 the Music and Art department work in conjunction on joint projects work to deliver the Arts Award at an appropriate level for the those students enrolled on the course.

Further to classroom activities, the school has a very successful choir and theatre group. There are also further opportunities for pupils to access a ukulele group and drumming group as an extra-curricular activity. A visiting guitar and violin teacher from Tees Valley Music Service deliver lessons once a week.