Physical Education


In PE lessons we aim to get every child as active as possible in as broad a range of activities as we can. Each child learns the skills needed to enjoy an active lifestyle. This can include climbing skills, throwing and catching, taking part in a game and most importantly cooperating with a partner or as part of a group. We aim to provide opportunities outside of the classroom with lunchtime and after school activities that are appropriate for our children. Our Transition Week and Sports Day provide opportunities for parents and carers to come in and see the children take part in unusual activities such as wheelchair basketball, archery and assisted cycling.

Off site and extra curricular activities: We use the local swimming baths for regular swimming sessions and encourage the students to change and look after their clothes and personal hygiene as independently as possible. We have strong links with local SEN schools which provide an opportunity for the students to play competitively in a number of different sports. We have taken part in the Tees Valley Games each year in Volleyball, Tennis and Table Tennis as Middlesbrough representatives. We also have excellent links with local clubs such as Swerve Table Tennis where we can walk to and access the facilities and a local stables for Horse Riding which is a wonderful opportunity for our students to see what is available in the local area.

PE Pupil Premium: We have used the extra funding from this to provide the school with a wide range of specialist equipment to enable our PMLD students to access PE and sport. For example we are building up a collection of specially adapted bikes and Go Karts which our students love to use. We also have table top games and a vast selection of equipment which is very tactile, super soft, or over sized enabling our students to gain more success at different activities.