Food Tech

Food Tech

Teacher: Karen Revill

Healthy eating and nutrition online resources

Great ideas for activities, discussions and observations to raise awareness about where food comes from when out on walks in the countryside:

Click here for the document

Information to share with children about healthy eating:

Information and fun Games, quizzes and recipes to try:

Science based information, activities and games based on food and nutrition:


Recipe of the week

Its National British Sandwich week. Here are a range of fillings you may like to try out at home.
For more information on National British Sandwich Week – click here

Previous recipes

BREAD AND CHEESE PUDDING – Click here for the recipe
PASTA BAKE WITH SAUCEClick here for the recipe


Hygiene and safety

Good food safety and hygiene practices are essential to reduce the risk of food poisoning. 

It is  very important that young people understand the importance of safety when it comes to food to reduce the risk of contamination and illness. .

It is important to learn and know how to store, prepare and cook food safely and hygienically.

Interesting information and worksheets / videos and activities at this web link.

This covers:

·                 food poisoning and food safety awareness;

·         good personal hygiene;

·         safe storage, preparation and cooking of food;

·         use of date marks and food labels;

·         allergen and food intolerance awareness.

Debs food tech 

Click here for white chocolate and raspberry cupcake recipe


Debs Rainbow Pasta 

Click here for recipe (100g ‘00’flour and 1 egg for serving in photo)

Click here for different pasta shapes video