PSHE – for all age groups

Teacher: Judith Donachey

Theme 1 : Dental Health

It is always important to look after our teeth but never more so than now after the Easter holidays when we may have eaten more Easter eggs and chocolate than usual!  

Below are links to a range of PSHE lessons linked to dental health.  They include powerpoints and activity resources which could be printed off and completed at home. 

Theme 2: Special People

These home learning ideas focus on positive ways that people care for one another, especially in families and friendships.  These resources encourage children to consider the important aspects of maintaining positive relationships particularly during this challenging time.

Theme 3: Making Decisions

These home learning lesson plans explore decision making and the strategies that pupils can use to manage different influences on their decisions and opinions. 

Classes 1WR, 1KGe, 1KGu, 2JD, 2HP – click here for lesson planclick here for resource 1click here for resource 2

Classes 2DR, 2MS, 2AS – click here for lesson planclick here for resource 1click here for resource 2


Theme 4: Growing Careers for Positive Change

Though the future may feel uncertain at the moment, it’s still important for young people to reflect on their values and career options so they have the knowledge and skills to access exciting and fulfilling opportunities when they become available.

These home-learning lessons will help students to consider how their values can inform their career choices in order to make a difference to their local and global community, and how holding and acting upon these values can affect wellbeing. The lessons emphasise the link with environmental issues and sustainability, highlighting that the career we choose is one way to make a difference about issues we care about. The lessons will help pupils to:

  • explore their values and how these relate to planning career pathways
  • set goals based on their personal values
  • identify organisations for employment that align with personal values

Classes 2AS, 2MS and year 11 – click here for lesson plan 1click here for lesson 1 resources click here for lesson plan 2


Theme 5 : Next steps – embracing change and transition in uncertain times

Acknowledging the impact of school closures, the lessons encourage pupils to reflect on the range of opportunities and challenges that they might experience as they move from one key stage to the next, as well as how they can manage these. Pupils will also be able to analyse different sources of support and assess who and what can help them, both during school closures and in the future. Finally, pupils are given the opportunity to celebrate their successes in school so far.

These lessons help pupils to:

  • Identify feelings about moving to the next key stage
  • Explore the impact of school closures on transition
  • Describe the changes that can occur as they move to the next key stage
  • Assess the challenges of transition and strategies to manage these
  • Identify sources of support

KS2 and KS3 – lesson planaccompanying resources

6th Form – lesson plan – accompanying resources 

Be Internet Legends – Internet