Our Results

Below you will find the data for achievements of the pupils within our school. Due to the nature of our pupils we do not always have a cohort that can access the Standard Assessment Tests (KS2 SAT). As our pupils generally stay with us until 19 they develop their skills and access accreditations at a time suitable for them and not always at the end of KS4 (year 11) but across the whole of Phase 3 and even sometimes in Phase 2. Success is achieved at the correct stage not dependent on age.

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Assessment Strategy

Phonics Screening Check

Performance Data KS2, KS4 and 16-18

Exam results by accreditation 2020

Exam results by year group 2020

Destination Data 2016 – 2020

Destination Data 2019-2020

To compare our school performance with other local schools please click on the following link https://www.compare-school-performance.service.gov.uk/school/111773