Parents comments & compliments


ICT Engagement afternoon 10th March 2017

Comments & compliments:

"The staff working with my son are very supportive & he has developed so much confidence in all areas of development. Keep up the good work and well done to all staff members." A Amar

"I really enjoyed being involved in the ICT afternoon. My son also enjoyed me coming, I think it is important to have parent time within school. I found today informative & fun." K Harris

"I enjoyed seeing all the different facilities available for ICT. We were making a lift on scratch."

"My child enjoyed it and I enjoyed it."

"I had a great time taking part in the ICT activities today. Was good to see all of the different opportunities available and how easily and comfortable all of the pupils seemed interacting with it all."


"What a lovely idea. The children obviously enjoy their computers and the ability to make codes for games etc are excellent. Loved it today. Thank you."

"We couldn't thank the staff at Beverley School enough. Our son has turned into a very mature young man with the constant help and support of the school who work outstandingly to support every individual need of its pupils."L Baxter


Sixth Form parents Engagement afternoon

 "meeting staff, making cards and mugs very enjoyable. Thanks for the mug." A Robinson

"Wow! What a great afternoon, really enjoyed my time. Can we have more of the same please". G Teasdale

"Lovely to see some of the materials the students use and have a go myself!" T Tooley

"Fantastic afternoon- learning that my son can cook!" Also great to learn how to make mini quiches." K Jervis

"Had a great afternoon cooking with my son, I learnt how to cook mini quiches." K & S Povey

"The parental engagement was a great idea. We both had fun & it was nice to see my son learning & following instructions. Was great for me to learn how to make quiches. I cant really cook so it was fun to do with my son." V Stephenson

"Lovely afternoon in food tech, good fun and very good quiches." Bernie

"I was invited into school to attend my daughters hair & beauty lesson. I was given a hand massage plus soak and had lotion put on. The young lady who pampered me was very gentle and kind. I felt really refreshed afterwards & thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thank you!" J Jameson

"I was invited in my sons school for pampering day. Some did my make up & a facial for me. I feel really fresh. Thank you!" M Ali 

"Very interesting and nice to see that our pupils are achieving and doing practical activities with interest, and enjoying themselves." M Nattress