ASDAN forms the foundation of our alternative curriculum. It is a pioneering curriculum development organisation and awarding body, offering programmes and qualifications that explicitly develop skills for learning, skills for employment, independence, PSE and skills for life.

ASDAN courses aim to:

  • Developing skills for learning, skills for employment, skills for life
  • Making learning relevant and transferable
  • Celebrating the diversity of multi-talented young people
  • Rewarding a range of learning styles and contexts
  • Promoting active and experiential learning
  • Encouraging, engaging and motivating learner

ASDAN courses/curriculum offered at Beverley School:

Transition Challenge

Transition Challenge provides a framework of activities to develop and accredit independent living and personal skills for learners with SLD and PMLD. Transition Challenge works through areas of activity relating to statutory programmes of study for National Curriculum subjects, complemented by activities contributing to the skills of adult living.


Towards Independence

Towards Independence provides a framework of activities through which personal, social and independence skills can be developed and accredited for those with severe learning difficulties (SLD) and profound multiple learning difficulties (PMLD). Towards Independence offers formal recognition for small steps of achievement towards a larger goal. Modules can be used separately and accumulated to build a record of personal achievement.