Class 3HP run a small enterprise and this has been running successfully for the past 3 years. Our toastie enterprise business is called ‘A* Star Enterprise’ and the student’s played a huge part in planning and designing the name and logo. We make, sell and deliver fresh toasties to both staff and students in school. All students are involved in the Enterprise regardless of ability. Students learn the following skills;

  • Writing: shopping list, orders, evaluations
  • Organisational skills: following instructions, collecting equipment,
  • Skills in Catering: chopping, buttering, using equipment
  • Accreditation Opportunities : Business Enterprise, Work Related Learning
  • Mathematics: Counting, sorting , money skills, profit, weighing, measuring
  • Independence Skills: washing up, cleaning up, preparing food, shopping , washing, ironing “It’s great to do Enterprise because I have learned to be helpful, and work as a team.” Adam (Aged 16yrs)
  • “Fabulous! I have learned to chop onions without crying. I can now go and take orders independently. I can now count money and give change.” Michael (Aged 18)
  • Our Enterprise makes a small profit and we pay the students a small wage at the end of the year. We also treat them to an extra special trip and meal out at the end of each term. We have been lucky enough to visit the cinema, Pizza Hut, Bowling and South Shields.