Sixth Form: Core Curriculum


We provide a broad and balanced curriculum with greater emphasis on the more academic for the first 2 years and more vocational for the final 2 years. Pupils may arrive at year 11 and move on at various points in their sixth form career. All students progress on from school at the end of year 14.

The 6th Form Curriculum will:

  • allow students to develop their independence and life-long learning skills
  • offer experiences in a variety of learning contexts
  • develop opportunities to work with wider social groups to develop their knowledge and resilience
  • ensure students are educated in a way which recognises skills and concepts already achieved and which can be applied in functional, everyday contexts
  • make sure students are actively engaged in their learning and also in making plans for future pathways
  • combine the teaching of knowledge with the teaching of skills which can be applied to all aspects of their life
  • enable students to develop and use choice making skills