Arts Award

Arts Award aims to show students “enjoyment of creating and participating in any art form.” 

Arts Award is a unique accreditation that allows students to explore art forms. Working with both the art and music department, students are encouraged to participate, explore, and develop new skills. Students experience a range of activities that help them connect with the arts as well as aiding them in developing communication and leadership skills. Both the Bronze and Silver Arts Award qualifications allow students to get inspired by experiencing arts events, participating in arts based challenges and sharing their new found skills. Alongside practical arts activities student also gain valuable knowledge of further education opportunities and employment with in the arts sectors.

Examples of Arts Award work include creating our own animations, performing musical recitals and attending various theatre shows, with all work being compiled in individual portfolios.

Here is an animation made by our students:

As part of their qualification the students have to write reviews of an arts event they have attended. Here are some of their reviews from a visit to Newcastle Theatre Royal to see Goodnight Mister Tom on 17th May 2016:

Please click on the links below to see each review . . . .

Review of Goodnight Mister Tom by Timucin F

  • This is a very interesting review, Timucin.  I am really intrigued to find out which scene had so much impact!  It sounds like a great play and I am sure your review will inspire others to see the play. Andy

  • A great review of Goodnight Mister Tom, I like the way you share your opinion but do not give away the plot. Heather 

  • An interesting review of Goodnight Mister Tom. I like that you are not afraid to have forthright opinions on the set design as well as the content of the production. Keith

Review of Goodnight Mister Tom by Patrick L

  • Wow!! What a great review of Goodnight Mister Tom really informative and inspiring! Heather

  • A very enlightening and well written review of Goodnight Mister Tom. I like the way you are able to convey both the emotional and light-hearted to the reader. Keith

  • Your review is really detailed and the overview of the plot has left me wanting to find out more. I am keen to see the play to watch the relationship unfold between Tom and William. Andy

Review of Goodnight Mister Tom by Hasan G

    • Your review makes the play sound fantastic – I am sure lots of people will want to watch it after reading your words. The acting sounds like it was extremely high quality. Andy

    • Great review – I like the way you talk about the actors and the characters they play. I would really like to go and see this play. Heather

    • A lovely review of Goodnight Mister Tom. You really capture what this play is all about. Keith

Review of Goodnight Mister Tom by Sam B

  • A fantastic review of the film. I like the way you describe the characters and how they were portrayed in play. Heather

  • A very interesting and informative review of Goodnight Mister Tom. You make valid criticisms but are still able to convince the reader that the play is worth seeing. Keith

  • Sam, your review makes the play sound very exciting. I am particularly interested in going to see it to see how Sammy is portrayed.  Andy