Core Curriculum: Maths


Over the four years in Sixth Form students will have the opportunity to work towards one or more of the following qualifications:

GCSE Maths

The format of GCSEs changed considerably from 2015, reverting to a linear style with an increased amount of examinations at the end of the course. Therefore we believe that a GCSE programme in Maths may not meet the needs of our students and we will therefore be looking to offer alternative accreditation. Any alternative will be tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual.

Maths Leader Award

This course allows students to use their knowledge and skills to develop a programme of games and activities for younger children to develop their maths skills.

Unit Overview:

    • Unit 1 Planning, preparing and assisting a simple maths activity
    • Unit 2 Communication and motivation skills for leading a maths activity
    • Unit 3 Delivering maths across the curriculum
    • Unit 4 Compendium of maths games and activities
    • Unit 5 Organising and running a maths event/club
    • Unit 6 Demonstration of leadership skills in maths

Maths for Life

All pupils in the sixth form will continue to develop their skills in real-life contexts, developing their application to work-based scenarios and real-world problems. If considered applicable, they will continue work towards a Functional Skills Certificate at an appropriate level.

Use of Maths

For those who have followed a GCSE syllabus this course is about taking those skills and applying them to real-world problems and work/life based scenarios. It uses their skills in calculating holidays, decorating a room, learning to drive a car, and many other situations. If considered appropriate they can work towards an accreditation in the Certificate in Use of Maths at Level 1 or Level 2.

ASDAN Function Junction

For those with an appropriate level 1 maths accreditation this allows for pupils to develop their maths in a more practical hands-on project-based way. It provides a bridge between the level 1 accreditation they have and gives a solid base for them to access a level 2 qualification in the future. It is student led and facilitated by staff.

Other Opportunities

Students also have opportunities to improve their maths skills through the use of online learning programmes that they can access from home and school such as BKSB and MyMaths.