Core Curriculum: Science


In Science we offer the following lines of study over a four year period:

Entry Level Science

Entry Level Certificate Science is designed to give students not yet ready to take GCSE Science the chance to get a Science qualification. Pupils following entry level accreditation learn about biology, chemistry and physics in fun, practical, hands on lessons. Modules include:

    • Keeping Healthy
    • Earth Oils and Atmosphere
    • Energy and Efficiency

The course is part examination, part practical assessment.

GCSE Science

Pupils taking GCSE Science study biology, chemistry and physics. Although challenging, a practical hands on approach is taken to ensure maximum engagement of pupils, to heighten their understanding, and above all, to boost their natural curiosity about science and the world around them. Pupils learn about the skills required to be an effective scientist and to judge and make informed decisions based on scientific evidence.

In both the GCSE Science and Entry Level Science lessons our students have been making stop motion animations about key concepts. You can find some of their animations to download here: Science Videos