Core Curriculum: Vocational Learning


 To help students develop ideas about their futures we offer a wide range of vocational units. Most of these units count towards an NCFE Occupational Studies for the Workplace qualification although occasionally additional accreditation may also be offered. These units are aimed at helping students to discover areas that they enjoy working within and to develop basic skills in each of these areas. They may then decide to further these skills through a related college course. The units on offer are on a flexible rotation and depend heavily on the expertise of our teaching and support staff. We also consider the interests of our students when planning which units to offer. Units often include: Employability Skills, Hair and Beauty, Catering Skills, Textiles and Horticulture (Land Based Studies). We have also offered units relating to working with children, volunteering and travel and tourism.

You can find out more information about some of the areas we offer on the following pages:

Hair and Beauty

Catering Skills

Land Based Studies


Motor Vehicle


Additional Areas