Vocational Learning: Additional Areas

During their 4 years in the Sixth Form students are likely to be offered opportunities to take additional vocational units from the NCFE Occupational Studies for the Workplace qualification. Some units can be used as a way to accredit work that students are doing elsewhere in school, such as work experience. For example here are two areas we have previously offered:

Working with Children: As part of these Level 1 units Sixth Form students will learn the skills required to support the development of children and young people. They will start by observing some lessons within a primary setting before taking a hands on approach to the learning. These sessions will take place within our own Primary Department and may also include trips to external mainstream and special needs settings. Students will have the opportunity to work towards two units ‘Understanding children’s social and emotional development’ and ‘Using craft activities with children and young people’. This will allow students to gain an insight in to employment in the education sector.

Travel and Tourism: During these Level 1 units students have the opportunity to discover places that tourists like to visit. They examine these places looking for similarities and differences between the available experiences. They form a good introduction to work in the travel and tourism sector and can also help students discover new activities and pastimes that they might like to try themselves.