Sixth Form: Ethos, Rules and Expectations


At Beverley School we believe that all students should be treated equally and given every opportunity to develop and excel. To promote the growth of our students we encourage the following rules and expectations:

  • Attend and engage with lessons.
  • Have good attendance at school.
  • Work with staff to overcome difficulties.
  • Respect themselves, others and equipment.
  • Be good role models for our younger students.
  • Use their time wisely.
  • Follow the 6th Form dress code.
  • Be friendly and considerate.
  • Work hard.
  • Ask questions.
  • Increase their independence.
  • Learn to be flexible.
  • Act responsibly.
  • Do their best in all aspects of their lives in 6th Form.
  • Enjoy their learning.

Doing these things will help prepare students to:

  • Live independently.
  • Undertake further education.
  • Enter the world of work.
  • Become responsible members of their communities.

Uniform and Dress Code