Student Council


At Beverley School we have a proactive and enthusiastic student council. As part of our British Values, the children undertake a vote and through a democratic process they elect their class representative. We have regular meetings to discuss important issues in school, fund raising opportunities and key events such as Harvest festival; some of the council members made clay fruit which were displayed along with food donations, Remembrance Day and Diwali. This year we are also collecting donations for a local food bank.


What are the aims of our student council?

  • To help make our school a happy, safe and secure atmosphere for our students to develop and learn
  • To create a pupil voice and develop citizenship within our school community
  • Be a way of assisting our students to develop their social skills through group debates and questioning
  • To give our students the opportunity to address issues brought to them by their fellow students

This year student council will work on:

  • Ensuring students have a voice in school
  • Help students to keep themselves safe in school
  • Continue our charity work
  • Support students with concerns, issues and ideas they have, by bringing them to the attention to their class representative
  • Ensuring as a school we tackle bullying
  • Making student council more visible and available around school

Our student council helped create various fundraising opportunities and subsequently raised a significant amount of money for local and national charities, for example children in need, the British legion, Children in need, Daisy Chain; a local holistic centre for cancer sufferers and Red Nose Day.

They have worked tirelessly to support their fellow students in school. They have also used their imaginations to think of new and exciting ways to support these charities. This year we are continuing to look at local charities to help.

Each student was asked why they would like to be part of our student council.